The electronics plant in Veselí nad Moravou focuses on the assembly of PCBs (with both SMD and THT technology), automatic optical inspection of assembly and soldering of SMD components, mechanical soldering (reflow and wave soldering), assembly, selective soldering and testing of electronic units (both FT and ICT) on its own production facilities.


Its products cover a wide range of industrial branches, from the automotive to the consumer industries. The Veselí nad Moravou plant also includes a production department that focuses on automatic assembly of cutter heads for shavers.

Technical equipment

  • Screen printing for application of soldering paste: EKRA – E4 – fully automated operation and follow-up 2.5D inspection
  • 3D SPI (solder paste inspection): Viscom S3088 – a modern device combining the advantages of leading AOI systems with highly efficient 3D SPI sensor technology
  • Automatic assembly line: Siplace D1, D4 – the Siplace D1 can assemble up to 15,000 components (200 x 125 mm²) per hour. We use the Siplace D4 for components up to 18.7 x 18.7 mm²; this allows the assembly of 66,000 components per hour.
  • SMT Quattro Peak reflow furnace the SMT Quattro Peak furnace is used to remelt soldering paste with the reflow technique; the furnace has excellent capacity and flexibility
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) + RTG: Viscom X7056RS – a unique device which allows simultaneous optical and x-ray inspection, maximizing efficiency and flexibility
  • Soldering wave: SEHO MWS 2340 – offers maximum efficiency and performance for highly demanding applications and large series
  • Automatic selective varnishing system: Dima DR-070D – combines flexibility with high speed and accuracy for large production volumes


Automotive industry

  • systems for controlling car window movement
  • anti-interference elements for DC motors


Healthcare industry

  • sensors for monitoring biometric signals
  • writer and analyzer of biometric signals


Industrial automation

  • control cards for controlling the motion of servomotors for nanopositioning systems
  • control units for central heating
  • testing and development cards


Consumer industry

  • control units for shavers
  • cash register systems



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