For all colleagues


After Friday’s first confirmation of the infection and meeting with representatives of the Regional Hygiene Station, the emergency team organized disinfection at the company premises by a specialized company and mechanical disinfection of the contact areas.

Today (18.3. 2020) we have received an information from RHS that the results of the test, which was decisive for the resumption of the company activity, was negative and therefore the production can start again.

It turned out that the measures that had been introduced already before the infection of our colleague outside the company were effective. I hope that by increasing discipline in both the business and the private spheres, we can all avoid further infections. Follow the known rules, prevention is very important!

From Thursday (19. 03. 2020) until further notice, the canteen and lunch delivery are stopped. Please bring your food from home (in the form of cold kitchen). We want to avoid unnecessary contact and the risk of further spread of infection.

You will be acquainted with various other measures, such as more time between shifts, by tomorrow.

We must all continue to follow all measures against the spread of the disease and thus protect ourselves and others. The development of the situation and its duration cannot be estimated at the moment, but it can be adequately protected against infection.

I would like to thank all those who have contributed by hard work to manage the situation during these difficult days and were a great support all the time.


Vladimír Konečný